Wrath of Eternal Reckoning

Wrath of Eternal Reckoning

Wrath of Eternal Reckoning –

Scurrying about in alarm, like cockroaches about to get trapped and pulverized, the unrepentant Evils of The World found themselves in utter shock as the ground beneath them bubbled and thrashed about, giving way to the Underground Terror of Eternal Reckoning.

There was nowhere to run, nor hide. All of their heartless deeds were only moments away from becoming transparent via The Highest Court of Justice.

Looking up, I saw His Glory, and tried to cover myself, “I am not worthy of Him!” Though I had repented for my countless wrongs, throughout my lifetime, while trusting in Jesus Christ to forgive me, there were still so many sins I had executed, and countless good intentions that I never carried out.

Then, brilliant lightening rods of letters awakened the sky in intense, fiery colors. His Words read, “I accept you as you are”. At that moment, His tender arms picked me up out of the grime and muck, lifting me to Himself.

He hugged me in his tight, yet gentle embrace. Joy was overflowing, as my arms wrapped around my Holy Father, in the means to never let go.

Adding to my spiritual ecstasy, He assured me that because of my intercessory prayers, while upon earth, my beloved family members were with Him, too.

At that sacred moment, Eternal Peace and Sweet Fulfillment covered my eyes from the unrepentant Sociopaths below, who were each facing the Wrath of The Eternal Reckoning.


Isaiah 2:11, 22

The lofty looks of man will be brought low, the haughtiness of men will be bowed down, and the LORD alone will be exalted in that day. Stop trusting in man, whose breath is in his nostrils; for of what account is he?


Copyright ©BBYCGN

Wrath of Eternal Reckoning - Tamara Yancosky - BBYCGN

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