Big Bye Bye, Narcissists

Big Fat Bye Bye, Narcissists

Big Bye Bye, Narcissists –

Dearest Friends on WordPress, Pinterest, and Facebook: I am taking a pause from writing about Narcissists. I cherish all your emails explaining how much I am helping you in your struggles, but I bid the subject of Narcissists a big fat Bye Bye… (at least for this weekend).

I am not leaving WordPress, nor am I going to quit blogging. But I am changing my content to more positive and enlightening material. All of my writings about Narcissistic Personality Disorder will not depart so that all might look back to educate and protect themselves. (I will continue to edit past pages for neater structure).

Excuse the bit of revamping of my site over the next few weeks. I must fit my posts into saner attire. I desire new substance radiating joy, hope, and love. Yummy. Yummy.

Power outages have caused my absence as of late.

My WordPress URL will remain the same, but I wish upon a different topic for a healthier environment.

Requests for the gist of my updated blog are welcome. Ideas are already occupying my attention, but your suggestions are treasured, too.



Big Bye Bye, Narcissists - Tamara Yancosky

Big Fat Bye Bye, Narcissists


  1. Why are you stopping about writing the subject you know so well an helps so many people? Please rethink this. Your posts are creative and funny. You must do what is best for you tho. Sending much love, Tamara.

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    1. Thank you for your sweet words, Missy. Hugs! I just want to broaden my field of view and focus more on God and his goodness. He is my source of strength and joy.

      I need to focus more on him and not on the negativity of the world. There is great peace found in grounding ourselves in our Holy Father! 💕

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  2. Can’t wait to see where you’re taking us next, Tamara! Life and its circumstances change, and the nimble keep pace accordingly. Important part is, you keep exploring your passions.

    Don’t be so sure, either, the positive doesn’t benefit those in need. Yes, you’ve shown again and again you know exactly how victims feel. Of course you do; you lived it.

    Still, as important as it is to share the unfortunate past, isn’t it just as important to point to a sunny tomorrow? Ultimately, that’s what this all has been about, isn’t it? That’s what makes the difference.

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