Identity, Killing Mommy Memoir, Excerpt

Identity, Killing Mommy Memoir, Excerpt

Identity, Killing Mommy Memoir, Excerpt –

Though a dreamy, detached state was the norm for the girl from an early age (which protected her from the cruel blows of reality), repressed memories and images often made their way to the surface, triggering her to withdrawal further within herself.

It was her beloved books that took her through new journeys and epic experiences, in other spheres, while also highlighting riveting characters whom she could live through, and flourish.

When her adventures fell upon their last pages, she became the said character, whether beloved or diabolical, in thought and deed and continued living their story until she replaced it with a new identity.

The girl’s environment had not given her the nourishment needed to form her own identity; thus, it was commonplace for her to take on other’s personalities whether through books, television, or those in whom she came in contact.

I am in the process of publishing the sensitive details of my memoir.

Copyright ©BBYCGN

Identity, Killing Mommy Memoir, Excerpt



  1. A powerful and evocative description of a childhood lived on the fringes, Tamara, never allowing you a spot to call your own.

    To some degree, that’s true at times of all childhoods, as we live vicariously until maturity and confidence bestow our own identities. “I, Superman, will bend this steel pipe (carboard tube),” or “I’m kind and magical, just like Rainbow Brite.”

    Unfortunately, you never reached this shore, forcing you to cling to whatever debris the storming seas tossed your direction.

    While this makes for fascinating reading, if it were merely an anonymous account, it makes the heart ache to read a friend recollect it. You made sure the story has a happy ending, but still, Tamara, tough stuff. Infinitely more so for you, as you lived it.

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    1. Thank you, Keith, for your wise and thoughtful words. And I like your little poem about Superman and the Rainbow Brite. 😊

      For a long time I was Laura Ingalls and lived on Little House on the Prairie. Then I became Wonder Woman and spun around a lot, expecting to take off in a whirl.

      Liked by 2 people

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