Send A Comment For Quicker Service

Send A Comment For Quicker Service

Send A Comment For Quicker Service –

I am writing in a mindful manner now. Conscientiousness in keeping my posts reader-friendly is my present goal.

In thought to this, I am no longer allowing my cat to assist with my writings. Even with the COVID-19 quarantine, redoing my articles and poems (as I tighten the structure and style) is a lengthy process since there are hundreds of pages.

This brings me to my key point. If any of you, my friends, find any posts you want edited right away, send me a comment for quicker service. I will get to it pronto!

Love, Tamara

P.S. Sometimes I might still publish inadequate material if my cat insists on bribing me with one of his kneading back-massages.

Send A Comment For Quicker Service


  1. Ah, Tamara, your cat has inspired mine. Well, he lives with my mother, half an hour away. Still, I’m going to call him to get his thoughts. Here goes…

    SSEngndfs gHGF3535DS G ! DDSSer^&SDF

    That was him, walking across the keyboard, which I’ve transcribed for you. What are you, illiterate?

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