Evacuation Procedures For California Fires

Evacuation Procedures For California Fires

During the Paradise California Camp Fire, I learned significant evacuation procedures for getting out with my most important items- fast! 

Today, CalFire firefighters are fighting millions of acres of burning forests throughout various cities, including San Francisco and Santa Cruz. God bless these brave heroes!

One of those chevalier angels is a Fire Captain who is my beautiful son. My other beloved child is a hero, a Corporal in the Army, in another state.

Anyway, yesterday I did a pretend evacuation and because of the 2018 Paradise Camp Fire, I was in a fight-or-flight stance, though it was only a simulated departure.

Thus, this was the real thing according to my mind. But, there was still a difference in my subconscious reasoning. I found myself not only taking my emergency items, irreplaceable documents and photos but I threw my Bose speaker into my vehicle, along with a couple stuffed animals, and my kitchen curtains. WTF?, right?

I grabbed a whole watermelon, a packaged salad, some tomatoes, and my bathing suit. Oh… and my eyeliner and favorite lipstick. 

My point here is that in legitimate life or death evacuations, it teaches us which bare essential items matter. And this does not include drapes, stuffed dolls, stereo equipment, or makeup.

BTW, unlike the genuine Paradise Camp Fire evacuation in 2018, this time I forgot my two cats. Me’ow

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Evacuation Procedures For California Fires

Evacuation Procedures For California Fires

Evacuation Procedures For California Fires


  1. Tamara, your benevolence extends to motherhood, as you produced a duo contributing far more than their “share.”

    Indeed, it’s by their efforts, and those of people like them, that we enjoy such abundance we must chose our priorities.

    Yours are good. Even the curtains. I mean, obviously, they must be really awesome. One quibble, though, a watermelon ahead of cats? See, I’d have left the melon right in the path of the fire, because, you know, with watermelon’s quenching powers, it just might make the blaze fizzle.

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