Childhood Wounds Attract Narcissists

Childhood Wounds Attract Narcissists

Those who attract Narcissists or other abusive partners are often in search of something tangible, yet indescribable. Unconscious voids drive us onward, hoping to fill ancient needs caused from childhood wounds.

In my personal life experience, this ongoing hunger results from childhood neglect, including starvation of parental attention, affection, nourishment, recognition, and overall protection.

Anyone can become targeted by abusive partners such as Narcissistic and Sociopathic Personalities, but it is those who bear untreated wounds from childhood that become willing recipients of such abuse. This results from early grooming, familiarity, unhealthy boundaries, early psychological malnourishment, and/or Codependency, ETC..

We will attract and remain influenced by Narcissists and other predators until we learn to re-parent ourselves with the maternal sustenance we missed as children.

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Childhood Wounds Attract Narcissists

Childhood Wounds Attract Narcissists

Childhood Wounds Attract Narcissists

Childhood Wounds Attract Narcissists

Childhood Wounds Attract Narcissists

Childhood Wounds Attract Narcissists

Childhood Wounds Attract Narcissists
Childhood Wounds Attract Narcissists


  1. Tamara, a certain guilt seeps in when you describe what you’ve endured and what you’ve overcome, as I view them from my own safe perspective. I gasp, yet I feel gratuitous at the same time.

    Truth is, I can’t appreciate, fully, what you’ve been through. You do a splendid job describing it, but I only can imagine.

    Yet, take that imagination, and fill it with inspiration. Wonder at your triumph and in your generosity in helping others out of the same tight spot, and we’re good again.

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  2. How do you let go? I struggle with this. I want him back. Even though he rejected me and chose someone else. I find myself hoping that his new relationship won’t work out and that he will come back to me. But why would I want that? I look at his social media only to be hurt all over again. I finished my 31-day blog challenge which helped as a distraction. But I still struggle with this.

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    1. I ♥️ You, (Not sure of name; is it Serene?)…

      The connection you are feeling for him, and cannot let go of is completely normal. I have been thru it many times with many Narcissists.

      They might treat us badly, but in between their abusive treatment, they give us crumbs of “the Honeymoon phase”, which bring us back to all the incredible memories we had with them when it was all new, and they had on their masks of feigning to be everything we possibly could ever want, or need.

      These crumbs keeps us hooked. And even when the “relationship” is over, and we realize how horrible they were and that it was all just an illusion, we already have Cognitive Dissonance, and this makes us believe two entirely opposite things:

      1). It was all fake; an illusion!
      2). He can change; he loved me so completely; he was the love of my life; that HAD to have been real!

      So, even though we know the truth, we cannot fully believe it, yet. We have been brainwashed so to speak. This is why Narcissists are so dangerous; they don’t just break our hearts, but they break our spirit, and our entire belief system, in a sense.

      It will take time to get over him, but staying No Contact will be the main thing that will push your recovery along. Anytime we see them again, we get manipulated, and the memories come flooding back. Then, we need to start No Contact all over, again.

      In time, along with No Contact, you will recover. But, be kind to yourself, love yourself, self-soothing, believe in yourself!

      It’s okay to cry, be angry, hurt, feel disenchanted…. we need to go thru the gut-wrenching pain, in order to get through it.

      If there’s anything or anyway I can be of any more help, or if you have any more questions, please feel free to let me know, anytime. I know how extremely painful this is. It’s beyond words.

      I was groomed from a child, and therefore, have unfortunately experienced Narcissist after Narcissist, in my life. I have been severely psychologically, spiritually, physically, and sexually traumatized.

      So, I am here to help in any way I can!

      You are not alone. ♥️

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      1. Thank you. I didn’t receive a notification that I had a message, so thank for taking the time to answer. I will look up Cognitive Dissonance and read more about it. I deleted his social media last night. Starting over day one.

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        1. Good job! I did the same. It’s difficult, I know. Yes, it will be helpful if you look up Cognitive Dissonance relating to Narcissist Abuse, specifically… as well as Trauma Bonding.

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