Personal Writing Coach, Sweeeeet!

Personal Writing Coach

Personal Writing Coach,William F. Kovacic, has several programs available to help writers make their publishing goals come to life! Sweeeeet!

Bill can help with the technical aspects of self-publishing, grammar tuning, and overall support.

As his student, I am learning invaluable tricks, tips, and skills that benefit my writings in the present, and will continue to do so.

Many Writing Coaches accept no less than hundreds of dollars for their time, but Bill’s prices are low despite the rich quality of his expertise.

Please, quick on the link above if you are interested, then scroll down. He has three different options in which to choose.

Yes, my friends, there is something in it for me… if you benefit from his help, please mention my name (Tamara) because then I’ll receive the same package for free!!!

So, what’s your freakin’ delay???

It’s fine. You don’t have to sign up even though it’d be lamerude, mean, cruel-heartedand diabolical to not do so.

Just kidding! But you won’t experience any disappointment if you sign up!

How sweeeeet is that???

La La La La La

“… Get started today with 13 weeks of personalized coaching with William F. Kovacic. Each week will address a new phase of your writing with the goal of developing a manuscript polished and ready for publishing. Your sessions will be developed with you, as a unique writer, in mind. Sign up today!…”

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Personal Writing Coach
William Kovacic


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