Overdose, Killing Mommy Memoir, Excerpt

Overdose, Killing Mommy Memoir, Excerpt

After the passing of many hours, the girl (six-years-old), and her older siblings went back inside to find their mother had taken an overdose of drugs.


Daddy took her to the hospital. The three children sat on the bed discussing a life without a mommy. The girl’s ten-year-old older sister mentioned a boy in school who had no mother, just a dad. “So”, the girl’s sister said, “they would be okay with just a daddy”.


As the children conversed about the imminent death of their mommy, the girl perceived herself to disconnect. Ungrounded, with nothing real or concrete in which to attach herself, the aura was a sad sensation of deep aloneness.


The child was heartbroken over the impending passing of Mommy. But years later, she would yearn for the demon’s demise via her countless overdoses.


I am in the process of publishing the sensitive details of my memoir.

Copyright ©BBYCGN

Overdose, Killing Mommy Memoir, Excerpt



  1. The sort of situation, Tamara, I couldn’t imagine facing at thirty-six, you negotiated at six. Then, as you’ve detailed in other posts, Narcissists still had so much more waiting for you after that.

    Yet still, you kept going, and you emerged where you are today, in the sunshine, inviting others to join you.

    Extraordinary, Tamara. If anyone’s “earned” the right to be a snarling people-hater, it’s you. If anyone should’ve become a Narcissist herself, again…it’s you. Yet, despite the incomprehensible, you offer your services to others.

    Not only do you help those who have endured trials, but you’ve inspired those of us who haven’t.

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    1. I am pleasantly taken aback by your kind words; this really makes my day! Thank you SO much! Big Hugs ❤️ Thank you also for reminding me of God’s love. This makes me so happy! 😊 God Bless you and love to you. 💞

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