7 Tips To Avoid Narcissists

7 Tips To Avoid Narcissists

7 Tips To Avoid Narcissists –

Struck by a sudden bolt of bright, holographic lightning during a horrendous thunderstorm left a residual imprint on my forehead. It also jolted my intellectual thinking skills. This is how I came up with these 7 Tips on how we can better avoid Narcissists!

Yes, my head hurts.

7 Tips To Avoid Narcissists

7 Tips To Avoid Narcissists

These 7 Tips could very well help us to not only ward off these dangerous personalities from choosing us as their prey, but also provide us with some armor to protect ourselves, if we find we ourselves gripped within their merciless clutches. Being sucked into their maddening whirlpools of evil is a horrid, if not life-threatening, experience.

Both men and women are at risk of being ensnared by these soul-suckers. So, men need to protect themselves, as well!

Due to the way these Dark Entities groom us, if we don’t heal from their abuse, once ensnared, the first time, being targeted, again, and again, is likely. I’m speaking from personal experience.

7 Tips To Avoid Narcissists


7 Tips To Avoid Narcissists

 include, but are not limited to:

1). Self-Love:

Self-Love is not Narcissistic; rather, it enables our strongest version of selves to thrive. It’s about protecting and caring for ourselves as if we were our very own children. (Narcissists don’t love themselves).


7 Tips To Avoid Narcissists

2). Boundaries:

Strong boundaries, core values, and firm beliefs give us a firm foundation and help build our individuality. Standing up for these boundaries is self-love and self-respect. The only one who should decide on adjustments to our beliefs and core values are ourselves, and God.

(Narcissists and Sociopathic Personalities will cross our boundaries and belief systems without a second thought. They also encourage us to cross our own boundaries, as well).

7 Tips To Avoid Narcissists

3). Being Comfortable with Ourselves:

Contentment while alone in our own company will bring about healthier choices regarding whom we allow into our lives. Desperation leaves us vulnerable to these corrupt opportunists.

Sniffed out by toxic people

from a mile away,


makes for easy prey!


7 Tips To Avoid Narcissists

4). Trusting Our Intuition:

We want our new relationships and/or friendships to work out, so sometimes we ignore our intuition when we can’t pinpoint the exact reason we might feel that inner affliction tugging at us.

Our gut-instinct will gnaw at us when there is reason for us to take heed of a situation, or a particular person(s).

We need to trust our gut even if we can’t explain to others, or even to ourselves, the details of why something seems off.

Among deceivers who seem kind and caring (or often a victim), whereby tricking us into putting our guard down so they can then get their claws into us, sometimes all we have is our intuition to guide us, and The Voice of God.

7 Tips To Avoid Narcissists

5). Love, But Only Trust Few:

We can still love, show kindness, and exhume empathy while we stay careful and hold fast to our boundaries. Our precautions need not cause us to become the opposite of our true identities. But, we need to learn how to remain safe, while we continue in our compassion toward others

“I am sending you out like sheep among wolves. Therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves…”

Matthew 10:16

7 Tips To Avoid Narcissists

6). Keep Personal Information… Personal:

Narcissists will attempt to get as much personal information from us as possible. They use our personal details, not only to mirror us (which enables them to create illusions of deep connections), but also to devastate our finances, emotions, and spirituality in every other way possible. This is what Narcissists do. Ewe.

7 Tips To Avoid Narcissists

7). Pray, And Pray Some More:

Pray to the Lord, through Jesus’ Name, for protection and safety from these dark personalities.

Personally, when I felt something was not quite right, I asked The Lord to open my eyes. He did. And He did in a powerful way!

7 Tips To Avoid Narcissists

7 Tips To Avoid Narcissists

Please learn the Red Flags of “Cluster B” Personality Disordered Individuals. Understanding the patterns in which these kind engage (as the natural occurrence of their need for fuel), will help us become more aware of our interactions and dealings with toxic people.


7 Tips To Avoid Narcissists

Psalm 146:3-5

Put not your trust in princes, nor in the son of man, in whom there is no help. His breath goeth forth, he returneth to his earth; in that very day his thoughts perish. Happy is he that hath the God of Jacob for his help, whose hope is in the LORD his God.

I do hope these 7 Tips on avoiding Narcissists help to keep you safe!

God Bless You!

Copyright ©BBYCGN

7 Tips Avoid Narcissists

7 Tips To Avoid Narcissists

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  1. Useful, Tamara, particularly as your pointers accomplish multiple things. Not only do they discourage Narcissists, but they also put off those who aren’t quite as depraved, but who still are up to no good.

    Better yet, they make you a fuller, more interesting person, someone whose sparkle attracts the “best and the brightest.”

    Just highlighting your boundaries gives you definition, depth and character. It distinguishes you..


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