Lockdown! Killing Mommy Memoir, Excerpt

Lockdown! Killing Mommy Memoir, Excerpt

Lockdown! Killing Mommy Excerpt

They shackled the girl’s arms, legs and head as they yelled over the intercom, “lockdown!” All doors slammed shut. Sirens went off. Several orderlies carried her, kicking and thrashing about to The Room.

They locked her onto the bed, hands and feet in restraints, and left her there for 24 hours. An attendant checked on her and escorted her to the bathroom, as needed. She shouted for relief from the ties to no avail. After many screams, she vowed to not give them this pleasure, anymore. She delved into her own mind where she spent the duration in a faraway land where the demon didn’t exist.

In contrast to the painful neglect of her upbringing, and the misery of the demon’s hateful abuse, she happened upon a discovery. She realized that those who had taken their energy to consider her worth tackling and binding were nothing less than benevolent. Gratitude stirred her for the giving of their attention.

I will publish the sensitive details of my memoir in time.

Copyright ©BBYCGN

Lockdown! Killing Mommy Memoir, Excerpt


    1. Thank you, Shankjoejoe. It’s a difficult journey through memory lane, but it’s finally time I get my journals together and actually do something with them. Hopefully it might help others who are in difficult situations not feel so alone. 💕 💕 💕

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  1. Most gripping, Tamara. What’s extraordinary, really, is that you made your way through all of that (and, no doubt, much, much, more) with your creativity and your spark intact.

    It may have been silenced at times, but your descriptive prowess never left you. Now that you’ve emerged, your soul awakened, you resume the narrative for those of us who weren’t around back then. Little matter, as you’ve brought us there with you and ensured that, in spirit, we’ve been with you all along now. Extraordinary.

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  2. That is really great writing! I love reading your blog. Best I have read so far. I love all of your original quotes. Really amazing talent you have. I haven’t had much time to read since I am moving next month and have been busy packing, just a week left now. Looking forward to reading more on your blog when I have time, and devoting more time to mine as well.

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          1. I have never heard of Concrete Poem Images. They look really cool! I love the cat that is under your post. You really captured that fierce, evil stare a narcissist gives. I draw as well and paint a little too. My graphic design courses were taken back in 2001-2002, so I am way outdated, lol! I don’t have any of my artwork on my blog yet. Haven’t had any that related to my posts. Been getting them from Pexels and Shutterstock. I have one of my paintings on my Pinterest profile, on the banner, of the fruit, and wrote the saying on it.

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