Tied Up, Fulfilling Obligations

Tied Up, Fulfilling Obligations

Tied Up, Fulfilling Obligations –

Dear WordPress Friends:

I am not a pig, but this is the only photo I could find to fit the title of my post.

I am reading and loving all your writings! I am thinking of you all, but am tied up. No, really. I am bound up. My children strapped me to a chair. Ha haha. I am kidding.

I am in the middle of a hectic schedule, and need to fulfill several obligations.

Also, a beautiful friend nominated me for Sunshine Blogger Award. I am honored. This post is on its way!

I want you to know I am still here, but super busy. I will return!

Love and Hugs,


Tied Up, Fulfilling Obligations
Oink, Oink


  1. Great Tamara, thanks for he update. You’ll take care of what you need to, then you’ll return.

    How long will that be? As long as it takes.

    From where does this patience come? How can we be so philosophical? Because we know you’ll be back. It’ll be tough doing without, but soon enough, that too will yield to your return.

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    1. I found out that I have a tear in the tendon. I am wearing an arm brace and it helps relieve the pain. It could take 6-12 months to heal! But, I am glad I know what’s wrong. If it doesn’t heal after 12 months, I might need surgery. I think it will get better though.

      I hope your dental pain is getting treatment!


  2. That image is just the best 😂
    Busy busy bee, don’t overdo things. Take your time. Congrats on the blogger award too, but no pressure on getting the post done when you’ve already got a lot on your plate. Good luck with all the stuff you’ve got to do – if you finish your to-do list, do you fancy taking a crack at mine??
    Caz xx

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