Forgetting To Release Emergency Brake

Forgetting To Release Emergency Brake

Forgetting To Release Emergency Brake –

As I turned the corner a distinct aroma of something burning- my car- snapped me away from unicorn thoughts. I did not realize I drove home from Farmer’s Market without releasing my emergency brake. I hope this inflicted no damage. 

Forgetting to release the restraint was because an infuriated appendage warped my focus. Whether it is a sprained or ruptured tendon, sharp, scorching throbs reigned the entire length of my right arm. This has been a problem for two months.

I plan to call my physician in a week and a half if the rage does not calm with rest, ice, and compression. And if this ordeal breaks my vehicle, my arm is at fault; not me!

Forgetting To Release Emergency Brake


  1. Only returning the care in kind, Tamara.

    I’ll attend to my mouth, and you to your arm, and we’ll meet back up in another week.

    Let’s take advantage of the fact we were born we where and when we were, instead of somewhere else, and a millennium ago. Who knows what cures medieval “medicine” would have prescribed, but it probably would’ve involved hopping on one leg and a turnip of some sort.

    Yet still, that’s far more useful than what would’ve befallen us anywhere else in the world…

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  2. Were I you, Tamara, I’d consult the doc now, instead of waiting. Why wait until something bad happens before you get help?

    So much in this life you’ve done for yourself, Tamara. This case is no exception, as the best thing you can do is to grasp a hand up.

    You’ll feel much better for having done so, not only for the relief it’ll confer, but for the realization you’ve taken the first real steps toward recovery.

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    1. Thank you, TA, for caring. I guess I just wanted to make sure I did everything I could do for it first so that I’m not being a cry baby. It really does hurt though. I think I will call my doctor tomorrow. I have waited long enough.

      Thank you so much, TA. You are truly thoughtful and kind. ❤️ Even though I don’t know personally know who you are, I think I love you.

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