COVID-19 Masks, The Negative Side

COVID-19 Masks, Negative Side
COVID-19 masks, the negative side
I recently visited a quaint downtown cafe and got a vegetarian burger. I sat on a bench outside. When I took a bite of my food, I got mayonnaise, ketchup and sauce all over my mask, but none in my mouth.
The negative side of the COVID-19 masks that no one ever talks about is that when we are wearing them, it makes it super difficult to eat.
COVID-19 MASKS, Negative Side


  1. Hahah yep, they’re not very practical! 😂 The thing is, the outside of the mask can be contaminated, so it makes me worry that people are tugging at the front of the mask, then using their hands to pick up food. There’s no easy way of doing it at all!

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