Codependency Affects My Writing

Codependency Affects My Writing

Codependency Affects My Writing –
I have concluded that I use more commas than needed when creating posts. This grammatical error results from making frequent stops in my sentences, when I talk, only to continue again.

This is because of Codependency. I think over each word before I verbalize it to not offend- unless I am angry. So, I write the way I speak. I will revamp my writing style, for sure. Or… umm, maybe not.

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Codependency Affects My Writing


  1. Too many, Tamara? I’d say you’ve chosen just the right amount to fit your thinking. Why obsess over punctuation’s nuances when what you’re saying is far more important? The commas brought us here, didn’t they?

    Naturally, you realize this too, concluding as you do, “It’s all good.”

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