Continuation from Preaching In The Dark

Continuation Preaching in the Dark

Continuation from Preaching In The Dark –

So, I will delete my previous post Preaching in The Dark because I do not want to keep it visible, and possibly hurt anyone’s feelings. Or, perhaps it does not hurt other’s feelings. But in case it does, I will take it down.

I am twirling around today, because I lost hearing in my right ear from allergies. I thought it was from TMJ, but my doctor thinks it is congestion in my ear, and she ordered me an antihistamine.

I will work on my previous post, Preaching in The Dark soon. I need to wait until the room stops spinning from the vertigo caused by the ear congestion.

This is a weird post.

Thank you, my friends.

P.S. No, I will not take my previous post down or change anything. I used no names.


Continuation Preaching in the Dark


  1. Well then, good luck reconfiguring, my friend! By the way, I hope you have a chance to see my comment before shuffling or deleting the previous post.

    Best hopes the antihistamine does the job, and that you’re back before too much longer.

    Unfortunately, I have current knowledge of discomfort’s toll. I lost a filling, suffering an exposed nerve, and pulsing pain until my dentist can accommodate an emergency visit Thursday morning. Until then, I’m hoping benzocaine and Aleve bring some sleep.

    Alas, even Herr Mozart can’t keep the throbbing from occupying anything less than 88% of my thoughts!

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    1. I did read your last comment, and was deeply touched by it. You are so thoughtful. ❤️ Oh, I am sorry for this pain you are suffering! This is a severe “OUCH!!!”. Try your best to stay comfortable, if at all possible.

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