Preaching in The Dark

Preaching in The Dark

Preaching in The Dark

Three things that my blog conveys, are as follows:

1). Though I am a Christian, I have never denied that I am a sinner, in constant need of God’s help;

2). I scream, kick, and wail throughout my writings, but I bring the same passion and energy to the table when I focus on my love, praise, and devotion, for The Lord, and others.

3). My personal feelings and emotions are not poured out as a source for criticism from those who know absolutely nothing about me; nor are they up for debate.

As Christians, we ought to use caution lest we find ourselves preaching in the dark, where we cannot adequately see another person’s life, as a whole, and mistakenly take to cut and dry, misplaced judgements.

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Preaching in The Dark


  1. Thank you. Ya, he’s harassed me in the past, too, and has acted really squirrelly. I tried to forget, and move past it, but I guess he’s still playing his manipulative games.

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  2. A lot of insight here, Tamara. You don’t need people like that. just ignore him. He’ll go away. This happens to me a lot on HubPages. Just keep putting yourself out there and be yourself!

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    1. Thank you, Bill, for your encouragement. I appreciate it so much! Yes, I will just ignore him. It makes me feel better that I am not the only one this happens to. 💫


  3. You’ve handled this remarkably well, Tamara, far better than the provocation would justify. Yet, as always, you find a way to rise above.

    Why would he do this? Probably, like bullies everywhere, he selects the easiest targets. In your case, it’s someone who’s emotionally vulnerable and who, despite her inspiring progress, still struggles to maintain her recovery.

    Nonetheless, he chose poorly. He didn’t take into account your faith, your determination and your inner resources, Tamara. Nor did he consider those of us on the journey with you. Nope, he definitely bungled this one.

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