Beast Slayers – Firefighter Heroes

Beast Slayers - Firefighter Heroes

Firefighter Heroes –

Here come our Beast Slayers

carryin’ their weapons n’ steel hats

on their heads;

gotta be geared-up

’cause they advance

where that evil beast treads.


They got those bright red sirens,

that sing, “gonna drown the beast

and its evil fad.”

Yeah, our firefighters

are the good olé kind

of rockin’ bad!


Our Dragon Killers strike

brutish beasts which bear warmth

only to betray;

but ain’t no problem,

’cause our noble Slayers hurl mean

water bouquets!


These Night Watchers

n’ early morning guardians

are heroically rad!

Yeah, our firefighters 

are the good olé, kind

of rockin’ bad!

Paradise Camp Fire

Copyright ©BBYCGN

Beast Slayers - Firefighter Heroes


  1. Sparkled wordsmithing, Tamara! You take the already heroic exploits of our smoke crews, and you add a thrilling layer to their exploits.

    There’s a fire hall about half a mile distant, and though I never have needed its inhabitants’ services, life is that much richer for their presence.

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