Emotions VS. Logic, Mental Health

Emotions VS. Logic, BBYCGN

Emotions VS. Logic, Mental Health –

Spock, and I,

go together,

oh, so very well;

he is ever logical,

and I am an emotional

roller coaster

from Heaven,

or from Hell.

Emotions VS. Logic, BBYCGN

He is level-headed

and walks

an ever rigid line;

I swerve to the left or right,

since my boundaries

are often

hard to define.

Emotions VS. Logic, BBYCGN

Spock is sophisticated

and carries

amazing self-control;

I am spontaneous,

and ever which way

the thunder groans

is the way I tend to roll.

Emotions VS. Logic, BBYCGN

I like to awaken

him, though feelings

he has not;

and, he likes to quiet

and calm me,

when deep

within emotions,

I am caught.

Emotions VS. Logic, BBYCGN

Opposites are Spock, and I,

though we balance

each other out;

I, displaying a full

spectrum of emotions,

and he, showing me what

a logical life

is all about.


Copyright ©BBYCGN

Emotions VS. Logic, BBYCGNEmotions VS. Logic, BBYCGNEmotions VS. Logic, BBYCGN


  1. I love this. Sometimes it takes hearing logic from someone else to bring my emotional thinking under control. I can completely relate.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The “I Do Wuv You…Duly Noted” exchange is brilliant, Tamara. You have quite the talent for crafting perfect illustrations.

    Despite Spock’s cool reserve, deep-down, he’s got to know every relationship (of whatever nature) needs someone to keep the fires burning. Yin and Yang, and all. It’s logical. Flawlessly logical.

    Liked by 2 people

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