Follow The Leader, Narcissists

Follow The Leader, Narcissists

Narcissists’ favorite game of all time

is Follow the Leader;

and they will win every game they play

because they are immoral, pervasive, cheaters.


If you wish to play their games,

you must follow every Narcissist-made rule;

but, remember, they will change their standards,

without pre-warning, or any (even tiniest) clue.


If you stay loyal and obedient to Narcissists,

in playing every one of their unfair, childish games,

you will get promoted to bigger and better things,

like being a Flying Monkey in their major Smear Campaigns.


Some find it quite a calling, being a personal-assistant

to such perfect, wonderful Narcissistic Chiefs;

but your good-standing with them

will be short-lived and brief.


See, Narcissists choose brand new targets

when they get a bit too snot-faced bored;

then, you will be the one booted out, and ostracized,

by their new game-playing, Empath hoard.


Follow The Leader, Narcissists

Those who follow the Narcissist, are following darkness, and will enter an abyss of horror and personal devastation. Therefore, it is so important for us to learn all we can about the Red Flags of these dangerous personality disorders.


Narcissists will never play fair with others; they do not follow any natural rules, or laws, unless it is of benefit to them. In fact, the only rule that applies to them is that they are above all rules. And most of the time, victims never realize that they are even in a game with a Narcissist unless they are the Narcissists’ devoted Enablers.

Copyright ©BBYCGN

Follow The Leader, NarcissistsFollow The Leader, Narcissists Follow The Leader, Narcissists Follow The Leader, Narcissists Follow The Leader, Narcissists 


  1. When you said about not following rules and laws it made me think of how I say some people are. a ‘law unto their own’. They’ll do as they please, as it suits them; you are good for as long as you’re needed but once you’re no longer required, you’ll be dropped without a second thought.
    Very well said, Tamaaaaarrrraaa. I hope you’re staying as safe and as well as possible lovely 🌹
    Caz xx

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    1. Thank you, my dearest friend, Cazzzzzzzzz! I love hearing from you. ♥️ Please stay well.

      And yes, your words ring true as we are nothing more, than objects, to Narcissistic & Sociopathic Personalities. Ultimately, a toaster gets more respect which isn’t saying much. 🦄 🦄 🦄

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  2. Best this world is in your rear-view mirror now, Tamara, its details quickly fading to oblivion. Yet, before they disappear completely, you’ve put them to good use, providing hope and encouragement to those still struggling.

    Pity you didn’t have a “Tamara” in your day, someone to help you through the fog. Still you freed yourself from the muck on your own. That wonder accomplished, you share your knowledge unselfishly.

    You’re something of a Narcissist-in-Reverse, building those around you, and helping them to break free. Now they feel sunshine for the first time in years, or, perhaps, ever. In so doing, you’re creating a new generation of Tamaras.

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