Nothing Much At All

Nothing Much At All

Nothing Much At All –

I am extremely

shy, when

I am not

the center

of attention;

and, I do not

have much to say,

when I do not have

a thousand

things to mention!


I am generally


when I am not

floating away

on a cloud;

and, I tiptoe

all around,when I am not

being clumsy,

and so loud!

I am rather subdued,

when I am not

telling everyone

(and their brother),

my epic life’s story;

and, I like

watching musicals,when I am not

watching something



I bow down

before The Lord,

but in His Victory,

I stand

forever tall;

I am really so

many things,

you see;

but I am also

nothing much at all.

Nothing Much At All
Nothing Much At All

Spilling emotions and changing moods are part of being human. Many things, including internal, and external factors, can cause such highs and lows, contributing to changing moods. However, this does not mean that the foundation of our values, boundaries, or central core-being changes.

However, when the spilling of emotions seems uncharacteristic of a person’s normal mood changes, or is overly severe, it can possibly signify a medical or psychiatric condition that should be looked into as soon as possible. There is no shame is seeking help, or talking to a professional who can offer us advice, or guide us to finding solutions!

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  1. Yeah, I think I understand what you’re saying, Tamara. Emotional volatility is an inevitable part of life, but when it’s persistent, not occasional, it’s a good time to get some advice.

    Why not? When your vision blurs, you go to the eye doctor. Does it sound like Yeti’s in your engine block and he’s none-too-pleased? Bring the car to a mechanic.

    That’s one of civilization’s benefits – professionals and specialists have refined their skills to help us in all manner of situations.

    Also, I appreciate your shyness, Tamara, but your creativity and talent make it difficult to preserve. Far easier to languish in anonymity if your writing, poetry and artistic abilities didn’t deserve attention. Fortunately for your audience, at least, your skills call out and betray your presence.

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