Backwards Person

Backwards Person, BBYCGN

I am a backwards


in everything I do;

what seems

like the right thing for me,

is probably completely

wrong for you.


I would rather

finish last,

than to come in

at first-place;

and I enjoy putting

makeup on my feet,

while completely

ignoring my sock-covered face.


I prefer

a tiny room,

than a large,

mansion-style house;

and I am much

happier wearing

pajamas to a formal dinner,

than my finely-pressed blouse.


I am a backwards


in everything I do;

on my feet, I wear a hat,

and on my head,

I wear a patent-

leather shoe.

I end my day

in the beginning,

and begin my day

at the end;

when I am supposed to

drive on a straight road,

it is then that

make my own bend.

When I am stopped

by a police officer,

I smile because

it surely makes my day;

yet, when I get

an award of any kind,

the depression

is difficult to keep at bay.

People do not

understand me,

so they judge

what they know not;

bullying makes them feel better

about their weaknesses;

so, I guess

they must have a lot.

I am a backwards


in everything I do;

I know because everyone

tells me so,

but I think their forward ways

are actually backwards, too.


Copyright ©BBYCGN

Backwards Person, BBYCGN



  1. This made me smile. It’s much better to be backwards and yourself, than the same as everyone else, how boring the world would be, if all had to be, the same in every way, get up the same time each day. You go backwards! And leave others forwards.

    Liked by 1 person

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