Exposure of Narcissists

Exposure of Narcissists, BBYCGN

Exposure of Narcissists –

Narcissists need attention, but they hate exposure. When we expose a Narcissists’s abuse, he/she will get their Flying Monkeys to ruin our reputations, block us from all social media accounts, and give us the upturned-nosed, Silent Treatment.

And these punishments are the best-case scenarios, short of destroying our lives.

In trust, let us look to God for answers. (If we need more faith to believe, we can ask Him for such and He will give it to us)!

Maybe speaking out about the Narcissist is not the best thing to do, but then again, it might be the only thing to do.

The Good Lord knows how to handle evil. He knows what he is doing.

Even if we need to stay silent, for now, exposure will happen one day, and then all evil deeds will come into view. We can count on it.

John 3:20
Everyone who does evil hates the Light, and does not come into the Light for fear that his deeds will be exposed.


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Exposure of Narcissists

Exposure of NarcissistsExposure of NarcissistsExposure of NarcissistsExposure of NarcissistsExposure of NarcissistsExposure of Narcissists
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  1. The most effective countermeasure, of course, is to to ignore the Narcissist. Deprive him not only of the attention and adulation he demands, but of everything else too.

    Easy to contemplate, of course, but much more difficult to execute, caught up as we are in webs of social interaction. Quite daunting an endeavor freeing ourselves completely from the Narcissist’s grasp.

    If we can manage it, though, consider the benefits. The Narcissist’s rages will fall to the ground, far short of their intended target. An irrelevance. Shrug shoulders – whatever. Oh, hey. Yankees have a pretty good outfield this year, huh?

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