Wrestling With God

Wrestling With God, BBYCGN

Wrestling With God –

I have an inside story to tell

about a monster whom I know well,

but my pining to share abroad

has my conscience wrestling with God.


I have uncovered


on this online aberration,

and I am restless to convey

that which my insides burn to say.

But, does my reason

for this earnest sharing

contain godliness,

in its detailed unburying?


Will these facts help others

who are long overdue,

or am I seeking revenge for my anger

that has ensued?

I must pray

and think it through.

Wrestling with God
…”Jacob’s wrestling with God at the Jabbok that dark night reminds us of this truth: though we may fight God and His will for us, God is so very good. As believers in Christ, we may well struggle with Him through the loneliness of night, but by daybreak His blessing will come….”



Wrestling With God



  1. You are right, the best way indeed, is to ask GOD for guidance Tamara and He will direct you. You will know that it is GOD’s guidance when after implementing it, you feel light right after it is unloaded.

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