Coronavirus, COVID-19

Coronavirus, COVID-19, BBYCGN


*(Note: This post was is in no way meant to make fun of this serious pandemic, or its victims, but is simply a lighthearted contribution in light of this ongoing, major catastrophe). 

So, why did they name the Coronavirus after a beer?

This widespread panic is all new to me.

Why are people so obsessed with toilet paper, all the sudden? Toilet paper doesn’t kill this virus, does it?

What about all the instructions to wash our hands? I started this habit when I was in kindergarten.

Why are some people saying that the Coronavirus is a hoax brought on by the ‘Charmin Bear’ Toilet Paper Company? I didn’t think that bear was actually real, but only a cartoon to get people to buy Charmin Toilet Paper. But, now they’re actually blaming the bear (but still buying it’s toilet paper, by the cases).

But, the biggest, most earnest question I have is this: How do we get our dogs to wear those face masks short of bribing them with a box of Milk Bones (to be given at the end of each successful “mask day”)???

I’m just not getting it.

As usual, I feel like I’m missing something.

Coronavirus, COVID-19, BBYCGNCoronavirus, COVID-19, BBYCGNCoronavirus, COVID-19, BBYCGN

Coronavirus, COVID-19

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  1. Hahaha, funny one Tamara! 😄 Actually, a lot of postings are asking that question on the toilet paper. My guess is, it is essential and it would be a risk if they go back to the supermarket for that in the weeks to come. Here, were buying for a month plus of household stock (e.g. food, toiletries, medicines, go-bag items, baking supplies etc) enough not to go outside for a month. Metro Manila, Philippines is in “community quarantine” a.k.a. lockdown and with cases rising, so we find it risky even to go to the neighboring grocery store.

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  2. Great one, Tamara! Particularly funny was the kindergarten reference.

    Seriously. How old are people, that they need to be reminded? Three?

    Even more striking than the empty shelves is the realization of what must’ve happened just before that moment.

    People must’ve searched rack after rack frantically, to discover only the items nobody ever buys..
    …and then they grabbed them.

    Which means, a few profoundly unhappy households now are stocked up on licorice-flavored rye in a can, paper towels festooned with a weeping David Hasselhofff, and Gatorade-scented cleaning wipes.

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  3. I’m actually pretty twisted up with all of this. So angry at the selfishness, and pretty worried for my parents. Need to distract myself for a bit I think because a lot of people likewise are feeling overwhelmed with it. “What about all the instructions to wash our hands? I started this habit when I was in kindergarten” – Hahaha my thoughts exactly 😂
    Stay safe & well lovely,
    Caz xx

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    1. It’s nice to see people coming together; not hoarding everything for themselves. I understand your anger. In fact, I need to email you about a few things I want to get out of my system. Any you can also tell me what’s up with you. ❤️

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