Threats To Society, Narcissists

Threats To Society, Narcissists

Threats to society, Narcissists and Sociopaths target and victimize vulnerable people for their own personal gain and entertainment purposes as one might exploit an object, or an appliance.

Many times, people do not realize what is happening to them until they have already become enmeshed in the sticky webs of these predators, often resulting in PTSD.

It is important that we learn the Red Flags of these ruthless individuals’ insidious tactics and learn to trust that voice that tugs at us from within: our intuition.

Threats To Society, Narcissists

A Few Red Flags:

1). Our intuition kicks in (though subtle, at first), and says “something just isn’t right,” (even if we can’t put our finger on what that something might be);

2). The things that the person says, or does, are confusing (though the confusion might feel indefinite);

3). The person’s actions do not match their words;

4). Narcissists are in no time in the wrong unless it elicits sympathy or more fuel (they are never short of plausible excuses);

5). Drama seems to follow them; Victim-Card (I’m not talking about everyday problems that we all experience, or even Natural Disasters).

Unending major drama follows them around like a dog without a home. Losing their job on a constant basis; the frequent need to borrow money or other resources; a habitual affair of arguing with others; complaining of getting robbed like clockwork; often ending up in the hospital (apart from justifiable illnesses) are just a few examples.

6). We experience abnormal stress, anxiety, unsettled feelings, or have heart palpitations (not induced by romantic feelings) when the threat is planning to visit us, or after they have left;

7). They know a lot about us, but we know nothing concrete about them (except for what they have told us); we have not seen where they live, spend their time (besides with us), who are their friends and family, where they work, ETC.;

9). They claim that the felony/felonies that they committed was/were not their fault, because

10). We continue to get pulled into their brow-raising drama…

As a closing, I’d like to leave you with a final thought…  threats to society, the diabolical kind, suck.

There are many more Red Flags, but these are just a handful!

2 Thessalonians 3:16

Now the Lord of peace himself give you peace always by all means. The Lord be with you all.


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Threats To Society, Narcissists

Threats To Society, Narcissists

Threats To Society, Narcissists





Threats To Society, Narcissists

Threats To Society, Narcissists Threats To Society, Narcissists Threats To Society, Narcissists




Threats To Society, Narcissists Threats To Society, NarcissistsBAM!!!

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