Heartless Sociopath Through Rose-Colored Glasses

Heartless Sociopath Through Rose-Colored Glasses

Rose-colored glasses (while I keep my distance) help me better cope with the frightening reality of the heartless Sociopath who would mince me, like cheese in a grater, if given the chance.

Therefore, it eases my heart if I come up with plausible explanations why there are so many heartless people surrounding us who carry no regard for humanity, and in fact, are eager to cause harm and destruction.

Regarding this matter, here is a letter I wrote to someone who, unbeknownst to me, was a Sociopath. He made me believe that he was just pretending to be a monster to help others. In hindsight, I see with clarity, the typical pattern of Love Bombing, Devaluation, and the Discard, resulting in his Smear Campaign (and his complete Ghosting of me), which came about without warning.

Heartless Sociopath Through Rose-Colored Glasses


Dear Sociopath,

In order not to swim in the putrid vomit of your savage grip, I have taken the way of forgiveness as the direct route that leads to the releasing of your hold on me. Thus, I settled on an explanation for your heartless behavior toward me:

It would seem that upon your sudden awareness of your beast’s razor-sharp claws and burgundy-stained, serrated fangs emerging from beneath your skin, in minuscule ruptures, you vowed to take hold of this horrendous evil. You clutched one horn in each hand and held this furious creature (with flaring nostrils), at bay; in this way, you protected me from it, further bludgeoning my heart.

Henceforth appreciation warranted for your bravery and self-control exercised in blocking me from all of your email addresses and every social media site, including Twitter and Facebook. You recognized these steps as necessary to save me from being sucked up and forever trapped inside the nauseating vortex of swamp sewage that makes up your loathsome creature’s being.


Heartless Sociopath Through Rose-Colored Glasses


Update: Ah, now you blocked me from Instagram! This is okay because I dislike Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. I only am entertaining these accounts to keep up with my friends and various family members. The heartless Sociopath wishes to protect me from his dark, disastrous beast. YAY!

I was only on his page, anyway, to put my two-cents in pertaining to why I did not… never mind.

Proverbs 3:25-26

“Be not afraid of sudden fear, neither of the desolation of the wicked, when it cometh. For the Lord shall be thy confidence, and shall keep thy foot from being taken.”


Copyright BBYCGN

Heartless Sociopath Through Rose Colored Glasses, BBYCGN
Heartless Sociopath Through Rose Colored Glasses, BBYCGN

Heartless Sociopath Through Rose Colored Glasses, BBYCGN

Heartless Sociopath Through Rose Colored Glasses

Heartless Sociopath Through Rose Colored Glasses, BBYCGN

Heartless Sociopath Through Rose Colored Glasses

Heartless Sociopath Through Rose Colored Glasses, BBYCGN

Heartless Sociopath Through Rose Colored Glasses, BBYCGN Heartless Sociopath Through Rose Colored Glasses, BBYCGN

Heartless Sociopath Through Rose Colored Glasses, BBYCGN

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  1. My reiki healer said something the other day that I think would help you with all of this – wherever there is light it attracts a few moths. It seems this has happened to you, as it has happened to me although in my professional life not my personal life. You’re moving on with your life as am I and with courage, strength and a good sense of humour and God’s help life will continue to evolve for the better! Donna 🧚🏻‍♀️❤️🙏 donnadoesdresses.com

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      1. I hope you’re okay, Nika, the recovery from our trauma is really one step forward and several back again, well at least it is for me!! I’m feeling so much better this year and I hope you are too! 🧚🏻‍♀️❤️🙏

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        1. Yes, exactly like that… “one step forward and several back, again”. I am doing well. I am glad you are feeling much better, too, my dear friend! This makes me very happy. ♥️ 💜 ❤️ Whenever I fall, The Lord catches me, as He does you. I know that when we fall, we fall hard. But, He is able to always catch us! And, He does.
          🌺 🌸 🌹

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  2. Good post Nika! Have you ever seen the film “Unbreakable”?
    There is a guy in that film who goes to a person’s house simply because he likes it and wants it, he confidently forces himself in…he then murders the husband, throws him in the cellar to rot, ties up the wife in one room, she is battered and bruised, exhausted, and just left with hands tied to a radiator. She actually dies. The two kids are tied in a bathroom and left, where the ties are cutting through their wrists, and they are just left. He uses the house, and takes whatever, as if it is his own, and it always was. He abuses the wife, as if she is his own, forgets about the kids, just puts them out of sight….he goes out to work and comes back as if nothing is going on and has no remorse, no feelings of shame, absolutely nothing…… There is nothing there, that a normal human being would and should feel. This is a true psychopath. It aptly describes what they are. What they do, and how they act.
    It’s absolutely disgustingly horrific!

    You cannot believe that people like this exist in the world…. But they do.

    We both know of a person like this, and in my estimation he is capable of all these things no matter the mask he wears, and I tell you now, we should feel so grateful, by having nothing to do with him whether it’s because he ghosted or treated us unfairly, it is not nice at the time, but we are grateful to just be out or entangled with such a person.
    Your entanglement was much closer but I’m even more grateful for you being out of his tendrils.

    These people are true evil.

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  3. Wow, powerful letter! You really do have a way with words. I sometimes go for the rose-tinted-glasses approach but I don’t know, I think I find myself becoming increasingly cynical and negative, so it’s hit and miss. I think we need to stand up for ourselves, take no sh*t, and be weary, but not so wary that we shut ourselves off from positivity. If that makes any sense. No, it probably doesn’t, and I’m way off track. Anyway, I think you did a good job with this one, Nika. x

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