Covert Narcissists

Covert Narcissists, BBYCGN

Covert Narcissists –

I had a Covert Narcissist create romantic memes for me, and I remember him saying (in his long-suffering tone), that they took great talent, effort, and time to design, but that this great endeavor was of no consequence because, after all, I was ”so worth it”.

After his Love Bombing, Devaluation, Discard, Hoovering, Ghosting, and final Silent Treatment had come, and gone, I started making my own memes to help build awareness about Narcissistic Abuse; and let me tell ya, once I knew exactly which words or quotes I wanted to display on these memes, they were super easy to create, and took only a few seconds to complete; (there was no suffering involved!).

It’s interesting how we learn all the ways in which Narcissists have finagled us (once we’re actually apart from them, for good), during these “relationships”. It’s difficult, if not nearly impossible, to realize their schemes, manipulation tactics and lies, until we are viewing it in hindsight.

Covert Narcissists’ Mind Games are especially invisible, and barely detectable. This is why I empathize the importance of educating ourselves on the cunningly subtle signs of Narcissistic Abuse.

Whether you read my posts, or someone else’s, it’s of great significance to learn the nature of Narcissism, as well as Good versus Evil, as a whole, because this information is invaluable in helping to protect us, during our lives. After all, our world spins, continuously, upon the axles of evil attempting to have its way, at any cost.

Romans 15:4

For whatever things were written before were written for our learning, that through patience and through encouragement of the Scriptures we might have hope.


Copyright ©BBYCGN

Covert Narcissists, BBYCGN

Covert Narcissists, BBYCGNCovert Narcissists, BBYCGNCovert Narcissists, BBYCGNCovert Narcissists, BBYCGNCovert Narcissists, BBYCGNCovert Narcissists, BBYCGN Covert Narcissists, BBYCGN

Spider-Man’s Brother



  1. Most definitely, Tamara, I agree. Because Narcissists’ taxes often are exacted only in retrospect, it’s equally important for us (your readers) to consider not just the current post, but the path that lead here.

    The Narcissist’s corrosion spurred your creativity initially, but now that you’re free of his grasp, the innovation increasingly is your own, and glories from it.

    With each new post, you elevate your own percentage. Meanwhile, the Narcissist now hovers precariously close to oblivion. Exercise your mind, just a little more, Tamara, and soon the Narcissist shall become exactly what he is, a big ol’ zero!

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