Creature, BBYCGN

Creature –

Howling deeply,

Creature whips its tail around,

and stares directly at me;

one sudden pounce

rushes in sharp,

penetrating teeth,

assaulting my bare face

in a lock-down.

Refusing release,

nerve endings numb;

so, pain blessedly subsides.

Bravely lashing out,

bearing vengeance,

my quickened fists meet,

but sheer nothingness.

Wide-eyed neighbors stand back,

generously holding out gifts,

from afar:

new, ill-fitted garments,

labeled, “Warning: Psycho”.

My confidence restored,

from bearing lovely, fresh attire,

 Creature’s thrashing tail

gets jumped;

laughing out loud,

I, fly away.

Copyright ©BBYCGN

Creature, BBYCGN

Helter Skelter

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