Bond, Therapist

Bond, Therapist, BBYCGN

Bond, Therapist –

There is a bond formed

when one speaks

to their therapist

about things

they have never shared

with anyone else, before.

Surely, he accepts

my feelings

without judgment,

as he never

once said,

“Look, there’s the door.”


Will he continue

to allow my openness,

with him, about subjects

which might cause others

to become shocked,

or taken aback?

Or, will he formally

dismiss me,

and find me fit

only for some inhumane,


torture rack?

Bond, Therapist, BBYCGN

Bond, Therapist, BBYCGN

Backwards People

Angry Dragon

Copyright ©BBYCGN


  1. Bond, James Bond?

    Sorry, I’m a guy and couldn’t resist dreaming…

    Seriously, Tamara, I like how you took “Insecure” and tamed it, giving it structure. Sort of like what you and Joe accomplish in your joint endeavor.

    It’s a two-wat street, Tamara, with each of you bringing something irreplaceable to your sessions.

    Liked by 1 person

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