Quiver of Love

Quiver of Love, BBYCGN

Quiver of Love –

Contained within your heart’s poetry,

liquified words cause veins to quiver,

reaching epic peaks.

Held inside your song of rhymes,

dancing vows quicken,

leaving flesh, dizzily, weak.


Embraced beneath your flowing rhythm, 

fevered souls quake,

which you claim for keeps. 

Quiver, Tamara Yancosky
Copyright ©BBYCGN

Two Hearts


  1. At your bidding, we open the jewel box. The contents mesmerize, yet one dazzles above all others –

    “liquified words cause veins to quiver”

    Why yes, that’s it!

    Seeing our fascination, you make a profoundly generous offer. “Choose one to keep.”

    Don’t have to ask me twice!

    Liked by 1 person

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