Rhapsody of Marriage

Rhapsody of Marriage, BBYCGN

Rhapsody of Marriage –

 Jasmine-scented breezes

carry his voice through,

whisking sheer curtains

into an array of dancing

butterfly wings.


Glistening symphonies 

of fragrant rhapsody

gently trickle down




Swaying languidly,

 shadows overtake,

as he upholds

her constitution

beneath a lilac glow.



Rhapsody of Marriage, BBYCGN Two Hearts

Endless Love

Love Poem

Copyright ©BBYCGN


    1. Thank you, Rising Star. I am greatly honored, and do accept this great privilege with my sincerest gratitude. ♥️ I will bring about my post ASAP. Truly, thank you! I am much obliged.


  1. Wow, Tamara! Just…wow!

    Such beautiful, evocative imagery. Splendidly relentless too, matching the rhapsody you describe. So many gorgeous tableaux you paint, in rapid succession!

    Honestly, I had to read it four times to take in everything, each time my heart soaring higher!

    Liked by 1 person

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