My Psychologist

My Psychologist, BBYCGN

My psychologist, Joe is kind, responsive, and actually listens to what I say; he does!

He hears, sees, and understands meeee.

I am grateful for him!

I have many wonderful things to say about him, but I will write more later as I find that my sweet, and dearly beloved Readers like it when I keep my posts short 
as their attention span is low because they are important, and immensely busy people!

Hopefully, Joe will be my psychologist for years and years… or else

I made a concrete poem for him, below.

(I am just glad his name is not Sebastian).

My Psychologist, BBYCGN

Early Hunting Grounds

Angry Dragon

Copyright ©BBYCGN


  1. Sounds as if Joe is great ally, Tamara.

    Sure he was trained in this and has pursued the requisite learning. That’s what the degree on his wall signifies.

    Still, there’s a difference between having the mind for this sort of thing, and possessing the heart. Fortunately, Joe has both, and he gives the cold factual structure depth and warmth.

    Good selection, Tamara! While so many professionals disappoint, you’ve found a keeper.

    Think about it, though – would Joe be able to do half what he does if you didn’t bring so much insight and spirit to the table?

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  2. Perhaps, though (also perhaps) Joe may finish his latest time with you thinking, “Now this is why I got into this in the first place. We really made progress today! So much better the uninspiring books I was assigned as an undergrad.

    World, we’ve made you better than you were this morning. You’re welcome”

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