What makes Narcissists, and Sociopathic Personalities such an irony is that these diabolical people are scary-looking when their masks are off of their faces, as opposed to when they are actually wearing their disguises.

In other words, if a Sociopath is going to go to a masquerade party, they would fit in by not wearing any mask, at all, and showing their true selves. (Ewww).

In fact, for a Sociopath to go anywhere completely unmasked would terrify even the most seasoned masquerade attendee, and justifiably so!

Masks, Narcissists, Tamara Yancosky


You see, the reason Narcissists are so dangerous in relationships, or even just slithering about town, is because of their role-playing disguises, which mirror normalcy. Their façades appear compassionate, kind, funny, caring, lovable, and altruistic (or even victims!). But, it’s all fake.

Consequently, they are able to do massive psychological, emotional, spiritual, and financial (and/or physical) abuse to those whom they choose to target.

Moreover, before a Sociopath’s victim is even vaguely aware of the warfare upon him/her, the traumatic injuries have already began changing and altering the victim’s identity and personal constitution, on a deeply penetrating level.

Masks, Narcissists, Tamara Yancosky


Despite the love we had for the person of our dreams, if he/she was a Narcissist, then there were two separate realities being lived out in this relationship.

There was our reality, which was that of what love means to us, and then there was the Narcissist’s reality, which was that of an entirely predatory focus, wholly bent on his/her own dark and sadistic desires.

Covert abuse is not a blatant behavior; but rather, it is an insidiously cunning abuse that is so well-hidden, that it can easily become enmeshed into the victim’s own perception of normalcy and reality.

The main reason why I believe these kind are so harmful is because their abuse is much disguised behind their masks which mirror normal, everyday people.

Masks, Narcissists, Tamara YancoskyMasks, Narcissists, Tamara Yancosky

Masks, Narcissists, Tamara YancoskyMasks, Narcissists, Tamara YancoskyMasks, Narcissists, Tamara Yancosky

Masks,Narcissist, Yancosky

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  1. Returning to a familiar theme, Narcissists’ self-loathing compels them to hide behind masks 24/7. “Why show my true self when I don’t even like me?”

    However, the spite only stays at bay for so long before it rushes past the mask, harming the closest (and, ironically, the most sympathetic) targets.

    As such, the Narcissist neutralizes the only people who might have cared enough to help.

    “You always hurt the ones you love.” For the Narcissist, most definitely, though I’d put quotation marks around “love.”

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