Sociopaths will consume their targets’ minds (and identities), from the inside-out, by using powerful brainwashing techniques that will result in paralysis of their victims’ spiritual wings.

A spirit that is incapacitated, and unable to fly is a grievously wounded soul. The recovery process for such a deeply penetrating injury, as this, is lengthy and painful.

However, with proper treatment, self love, and needed care (with emphasis on deterring future Narcissistic Sociopaths), the spirit’s natural gift to soar will return!

Recovery, Tamara YancoskyRecovery, Tamara YancoskyRecovery, Tamara YancoskyRecovery, Tamara Yancosky


Crocodile Tears

The Dark Web of Spider-Man’s Brother

Followers of The Dark

Tamara Yancosky


  1. Imagine, if you will, Tamara, what Sociopaths would accomplish if they devoted their destructive skills and malevolent energy to accomplishing something good.

    Imagine, Tamara, cancer would be cured, droughts would fade from memory and, best of all, everyone would have a Sham-Wow.

    Come on, Narcissists, chop-chop!

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