Reputations of wolves are, sadly, compromised due to these poor animals being the universal sign for Narcissists.

Narcissistic Abuse is a dangerous warfare due to the sinister and cunning mind-games that the Narcissist or Sociopath use on their targets.

Wolves have nothing to do with this!

Wolves, Tamara Yancosky

With Narcissists and Sociopathic Personalities, it is extremely difficult, if not nearly impossible, for the victim to know that they are purposely targeted psychologically, emotionally, spiritually, and/or mentally, until the damage has already run much of its course.

And usually, even then, it is a tedious and lonely process in describing these atrocities to others, inflicted by these Dark Personalities, unless the survivors, themselves, are actually aware of which of the many cunning, under the radar, abusive tactics were insidiously used against them, by the Narcissist or Sociopath, so as to clearly explain the situation to any possible supporters.

These horrific types of mind-games are not readily known by many professional counselors or clinical psychologists, and most are clueless about Narcissistic Personality Disorder. (Ya, duh).

Wolves’ reputations are definitely getting a bad rap. I am at fault for this rigorous stereotyping, too, due to my wolf memes.

Sorry, wolves.

Wolves, Tamara YancoskyWolves, YancoskyWolves, Tamara YancoskyWolves, Tamara YancoskyWolves, Tamara YancoskyWolves, Tamara YancoskyWolves, Tamara Yancosky

Tamara Yancosky


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