Believe In Yourself

Believe In Yourself, BBYCGN

Believe in Yourself –
Brought on from being around Narcissists and Sociopathic Personalities, Cognitive Dissonance results from the misalliance between that of which our hearts believe, and what our minds actually know as truth. It causes a spin-cycle inside of us, and these rotations turn about in crescents, or even squares.

Believe In Yourself, BBYCGN

I know this doesn’t make sense, but neither do Narcissists (except to themselves). These dark personalities have a way of spinning our minds into contorted shapes and turning us inside-out, and that’s only before they crush us, entirely.

Believe In Yourself, BBYCGN

They manipulate, calculate, deflect, project, methodically lie, play “dumb”, add and omit information, mix lies with bits of truth, brainwash, control, Gaslight, Triangulate, string us along, rewrite history, have Selective Amnesia (when it suits their purposes), and so much more.

Believe In Yourself, BBYCGN

Let’s listen to our gut instinct (our intuition), by heeding any discomfort signals it gives to us, and believe in ourselves even if we can’t pinpoint the exact problem, or specific cause of these warning alerts that are tugging at us from within!

Believe In Yourself, BBYCGN

And, let’s not doubt ourselves even if we can’t explain to others what is wrong, or if people happen to think we’re bonkers when our intuition is telling us that something is off; let’s still take these feelings of friction seriously!

Let’s believe in ourselves, even if no one else does!

Ya… believe in yourself!

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Believe In Yourself, BBYCGNBelieve In Yourself, BBYCGNBelieve In Yourself, BBYCGN


Believe In Yourself, BBYCGNBelieve In Yourself, BBYCGN


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