Mother, NPD

Alcoholism was secondary to her full-blown Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Only by birthright was she the girl’s mother; mothering was not part of her personal job description; on the contrary, her mother was highly qualified in the art of cruelty.

The girl’s father was Mother, NPD’s, Enabler. He neither stopped the abuse, and in fact, sometimes joined in with laughter. Eventually, he became a mere shell of his former self, as the girl’s mother, the demon, reigned her abuse over the father, too.

The girl’s sister, the Golden Child, could do no wrong; whereas, the girl, the Scapegoat, could do nothing right. Punished in shameful and humiliating ways, she had nearly fully broke by the age of five years old.

She was born as a target; subjected to all forms of heartless abuse, the demon used her as a plaything in accordance with her fuel needs. All of her mother’s playthings would eventually be discarded, but not before suffering grueling decades of devaluation.

Mother, NPDMother, NPD

Mother, NPD

Monster, Memoir, Part One

Companions, Memoir, Part Two

Doll, Memoir, Part Three

Scapegoat, Part Four

Presence, Part Five

Tamara Yancosky


    1. Thank you, Donna. I think everyone suffers in one way, or another, and some much worse. But, really it builds are character, makes us more compassionate, and leaves us as strong survivors who are able to help others overcome. I write so that others know they are not alone. ❤️ Big Hugs!

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  1. How tragic. Life has spared me these trails and I don’t know the pain you’ve endured, not fully anyhow, though I can imagine. Major kudos to you for overcoming and climbing, despite it all.

    Just curious – how did the mother acquire her own depravity? What made her the demon she became? Alcohol is an obvious answer, but what drove her there in the first place? It doesn’t justify what she’s done to herself and to others, but wondering what’s made you different.

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    1. My mother had Narcissistic Personality Disorder. The Alcoholism was just a tag-a-long issue. In families run by Narcissists, there is usually a Golden Child, and a Scapegoat.

      The Golden Child, sometimes, ends up being a Narcissist, too. The Scapegoat usually ends up as an Empathetic and caring person.

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          1. Yes, she did. How exorbitant a price freedom has gouged from your family!

            Curses on the situation that made it necessary.

            Those are the lemons, and unspeakably sour ones at that. The lemonade? The resolution it has given you be better, to rise above, Congratulations, you’ve broken the chain of abuse that stretched back perhaps millennia, beyond antiquity’s mists.

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