Pet, Tamara Yancosky

I own an exotic pet;

it’s a guillotine

that I enjoy taking

on scenic walks;

no need to worry

your pretty head;

I normally keep it

subdued behind locks!


Instead of saying “Woof”,

or “meow”,

my pet shouts,

“Slam! Slam! Slam!”;

I never get too close

to its mouth, though,

because it tends to adore

head jam.

You might wonder

why I have a pet guillotine,

instead of a lovable

dog or cat;

well, it protects me

from every Sociopath,

but, oh my,

it’s getting really fat!


Despite the companionship that a pet guillotine might offer, their origins of being wild animals need always be remembered and respected.


Pet, Tamara YancoskyPet, Tamara Yancosky
Pet, Tamara YancoskyPet, Tamara YancoskyPet,Tamara YancoskyPet, Tamara YancoskyPet, Tamara YancoskyPet, Tamara Yancosky


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