The unmasked Sociopath

is a horrifying sight;

he/she will torture others,

and believe that in doing so,

he/she bears unequivocal right.


But, The Lord will not forsake us

our final victory over these inhumane beasts;

The Lord’s Wrath

will consume these monsters,

and upon their flesh, maggots will surely feast.


Grateful to The Lord, am I, for not eternally punishing us

this same disaster we all deserve;

instead, those whom shall ask forgiveness,

and repent, through Jesus Christ,

will inherit Heaven, which is awaiting us, on reserve!



We are all sinners, and guilty of wrongdoing. However, those who turn to The Lord, Jesus Christ, will be fully forgiven of every debt, no matter the magnitude.

The Sociopath, Narcissist and Psychopath are each fully forgiven too, if they confess their wrongs, and turn away from their sins. Unfortunately, this is something that these type of people likely will not do.

The one Unforgivable Sin is that of never having accepted Jesus Christ as our personal Savior, before death.

The Sociopath does understand the difference between right and wrong; they are not dunce. They simply do not care. But, let’s put the vengeance into God’s Hands, and not our own.




Sociopath, YancoskySociopath, YancoskySociopath, Yancosky1D051672-B973-4AE3-84ED-E037A1EF802D

Sociopath, Yancosky

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