Oh, Thor!

Though, upon the floor,

your drool, you pour;

you will always be the one

that I adore!


This is Thor, and he has a hangover from dipping into the Milk-Bones too many times; he is sulking because I took his treats away from him. Too many goodies is not healthy for anyone. He just needs a hug; a big one.
He is better, now!

Thor, Tamara Yancosky

Below is a private showing of Thor swimming with his buddies. We left his life jacket at home, this time, because he wanted to be cool like his fellow swimmers.

I realize that this is a strange post, but that’s on Thor.

Further below is a picture of Thor when he was just a few weeks old.
I love you, Thor.

Thor, Tamara Yancosky
Thor, Tamara Yancosky

Tamara Yancosky


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