Presence, Part Five

She had a dream, but it wasn’t a dream. It was more real, than life, itself. She was in the woods, twirling around, joyously. Her joy was due to her companion.

Drenched in peace and tranquility wholly beyond that which she had never known, her spiritual senses felt his presence, fully.

She spoke to him, happily, freely; and He answered her. No actual voice, but still, he spoke with her. He knew her. It was as if they had walked and talked together all along, and had never ceased. He was familiar to her. The serenity that His presence brought to her was nothing less than ecstasy. Her joy was unshakable; unfathomable.

”Will you still be here with me, when I awaken? If You were to always be with me, as you are now, my life would be perfect, forever. I could endure anything!” Jesus answered her, “I am always with you, as I am, now. I have never left you. You need only to know this, and to believe.”

She never forgot her walk with Jesus, in the woods, and His words. And no matter how miserable things were, she knew He was right beside her. Thus, not only did she manage (sometimes, only barely) to endure, she never lost her God-Given ability to see His Light through the darkness. And, His Light was more than enough.


1 John 4:13

By this we know that we abide in Him and He in us: because He has given to us from out of His Spirit.

Presence, Yancosky

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Tamara Yancosky


                1. I’ve heard that from many other writers, as well. I wouldn’t be doing it for the money, but to leave something meaningful behind, to my family and others. If it makes a few cents, great. If not, nothing lost. I just want to write about The Lord. 😊

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