Sisters, Evil and Innocence

Sisters, Evil and Innocence

And there they were; the two sisters; Evil and Innocence.

One sister was always dressed in black, from top to bottom, and like a stray cat, she seemed to prefer being closer to the ground which is why she crawled, crouching about. Her black, matted hair was bound together in hideous knots. Her raspy voice mumbled who knows what under her musty breath. No one knew what evil deeds she carried out in the blackest of nights, but they preferred not to know, as long as they were not made one of her pitiful victims. The town called her, Evil.

The other sister, called Innocence, wore white or soft pastel colors, and her step was light enough that some might imagine she had angel’s wings fastened on her back. When the warm sun rays bowed down to her, golden-blond ringlets danced about her head, as if to form a lovely halo. Her voice was so sweet and dainty, like a finely tuned harpsichord, that it could lull a savage beast into drowsiness. No one knew what great and splendid deeds she generously gifted to the needy, but they imagined that her very presence brought healing to all whom her life touched.

Sisters, Evil and Innocence 

 No one, in town, looked below the surface at the truth before giving these two sisters their names, Evil and Innocence. Gossip spread everywhere about how utterly repulsive Evil was in her haggard, black garments, and ugly knotted hair. Likewise, rumors danced up and down the streets of Innocence’s purity, delicacy, and magnificence, along with her warm smile that she graced all whom she came in contact.

Only the sisters knew the reality behind each other’s appearance; but Evil was too humble to speak out, and Innocence, full of pridewould never disclose the truth. So, onlookers were never the wiser in realizing that the sisters were not what their given names implied.

Sisters, Evil and Innocence

“Evil” wore the same black clothes everyday because she religiously gave away all of her clothes, of value, to her sister because she loved her so. She did not walk upright as readily as others because she had many injuries from being whipped and beaten by her father, as a child, when she took the blame for all of her sister’s bad behavior. Of course, because of these same injuries, she had trouble raising her arms for any length of time to properly care for her hair. And, she tried to only go out at nighttime, and never during the day, because people hated her. If she did come upon someone, by chance, she did not smile at them, but kept her head facing down because she knew she was already branded as Evil.

Now, Innocence was so stunning because she stealthily stole from others to keep up her perfect hair, and elegant attire. Her smile that she flashed to everyone was merely a mask which hid her natural wickedness and cruelty. Still, everyone loved her, dearly, and she knew it.

Had people not been so hasty to judge, and believe what they wished, they would have discovered that between these two sisters, Evil was innocence, and Innocence was evil.

Copyright ©BBYCGN

Sisters, Evil and Innocence


  1. This is cool you know. And sad how true it is. How quick we are to judge. How deceiving appearances are. How we hurt others and lose out ourselves because of these judgements…

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    1. Yes, Eliza. Sometime Evil appears as light, and sometimes purity and innocence can look dark (for various reasons). It’s comforting to know that God plays no favors on our outside appearances, but instead, searches our hearts, and our intentions. He Knows.

      Thank you, Eliza. ♥️


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  2. Yet, we only walked into the play in the middle of Act 2. What happened before, to bring us to this pass?

    Casual observers don’t know, don’t care. Evil and Innocence – that’s all they need to know.

    Yet, the more careful among us are curious, they investigate. “Aha! That’s why!”

    The curious may be in the minority, but they’re the ones you want to cultivate, no? Doubtless, they’ll return the favor.

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