Last Words

Last Words, BBYCGN

The last words

we speak

to a loved one

before he/she


passes away,

matter not;


the importance

is in how

we treat them,

in the wholeness

of their entire life;

so, relinquish

your every



Copyright ©BBYCGN

Last Words, BBYCGN


  1. Oh, Tamara, so true!

    The relationship with my father richened greatly when I matured to adulthood. Consequently, when he moved on (at much too young an age, by the way), there was little left unsaid. Rather than rush words tainted with haste and angst, we had “lived it” in the years before. I was heartbroken, obviously, but not for missing what I should’ve pronounced.

    Spot-on, Tamara. So much so, I fear you must’ve faced a similar situation yourself. If not (in fact, even if so), uncommon wisdom!

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