Bullies Like Thor

Bullies, Like Thor

Bullies, Like Thor –

Whenever I see an English Bulldog, (which is not often, as they seem rather rare, compared to many other dog breeds), I literally go to pieces over how hideously good-looking these creatures are. I positively love English Bullies, like Thor!

Bullies, Like Thor
I find their exquisite underbite (which allows for thick drool to spill out, and over, in plentiful supply), their blood-shot, droopy eyes, (which gives Bulldogs their famous, Alfred Hitchcock look), and their skin… (their rolls and rolls of skin), a few of their most precious qualities a dog breed can hope to attain; (although, they have many highly attractive qualities!). English Bullies, like Thor, Rock!

Bullies, Like Thor

Speaking of skin, I am delightfully taken-aback by the English Bulldog’s handsome, wrinkly, over-abundance of rolling hills, that serves to wrap, loosely, around a condensed, four-legged, square body of one-hundredandten percent, pure muscle.

Bullies, Like Thor

Bullies, Like Thor

Built for strength (a human-being can actually get down on the ground, on their own four legs, and have a very challenging time “holding their own“, in a playful, wrestling-match with these creatures), they are unaware of their own power, at times, which is apparent in their clumsy, awkward-like, behavior.

Bullies, Like Thor

English Bullies have steel-like jaw strength, which is evident in one of their favorite games: Tug-a-War. Once their jaws lock-down on their toy of focus, one cannot easily convince, persuade, or appeal to the Bulldog’s generosity, at prying, or pulling the Bulldog’s object of desire back out of his/her mouth.

Bullies, Like Thor

Bullies, Like Thor

There is absolutely no other dog breed, in my opinion, that comes close to being as ridiculously cute, in looks, and in personality, as the ever-stubborn, obstinate, and downright obnoxious English Bulldog! Of course, I would never admit this truth out-loud, in front of my own dog, which is a beautiful, Red Merle Australian Shepherd, or even in front of my two cats, that just so happen to think that all dogs are devastatingly ugly; (nevertheless, I absolutely adore English Bullies, like Thor)!

Bullies, Like Thor

If one of us drops something on the floor, and Thor sees that we are in the process of picking it up, he will make a dead-bolt chase over to the item, and grab it, before we are able to do so, ourselves. And then, he will stand in front of us, dangling the item from his mouth, and at the very moment we come toward him, he will run off with our ‘important item’. He is truly the cutest little brat, ever!

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Bullies, Like ThorBullies, Like Thor


  1. Oh yes, Tamara! As Teddy Roosevelt was wont to exclaim all the way back in 1904, “Bully!”

    Truth be told, I’m more a cat lover, but you’ve made me an English Bulldog fan! Especially with all those great pictures.

    Do you have any idea of how profound an accomplishment that is, Tamara?

    Liked by 1 person

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