Wow! Narcissist

Wow! Narcissist

Wow! Narcissist –

If you really want a gold piece of jewelry, tell the Narcissist that you are highly allergic to gold. This way, you’ll definitely get a piece of gold jewelry for your birthday. If you want red earrings, tell him/her you have a phobia of red earrings. Bingo! You’ll surely get those red earrings for Christmas, or maybe even as an out-of-the-blue, “just because I love ya” gift.


If you suspect you are dealing with a Narcissist, tell him/her something vulnerable about yourself, but off-the-wall, such as, “I’ve got this horrible, pervasive fear that after I die, Green Gremlins are going to eat up my body!” Then when he/she discards you, you’ll likely hear from the Narcissist, “By the way, I know for a fact that after you die, Green Gremlins are gonna eat up your body. I have scientific research to prove it!”.


If your favorite color is peach, let the Narcissist know how much you despise the color peach, this way you might get a freshly painted bedroom, living room, or work office in peach color. If fact, the Narcissist might very well go out of his/her own way to do that paint job all by himself/herself (even without bribing the neighbor’s 13-year-old son to paint the entire 1,500 sq ft area for a 6-pack of beer).


Anyway, I’m not advocating lying, I’m just making a point.

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Wow! Narcissist

Wow! Narcissist

Wow! NarcissistWow! Narcissist
Wow! Narcissist Wow! Narcissist
Wow! Narcissist

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  1. Good tactic, Tamara, though perhaps the “grander” strategy is to move beyond the Narcissist, thus consigning him to oblivion. Truly a fate he dreads – and deserves.

    No matter whether you “outthink” him (probably not difficult to do), you’ve appointed him gatekeeper to your happiness.

    Better, by far, to make him irrelevant. “Did I tell him I hate peach, or I love it? … Meh, whatever. I stopped caring about halfway through that first sentence. Stopped thinking about it by the second sentence. Wait, what were we talking about, again?


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