Winter Blessings

Winter Blessings

Winter Blessings –

Winter had come

early for her;

though in reality,

it was still early autumn.

She wore a coat,

hat, and gloves,

indicating that she

had finally hit rock-bottom.


On every corner

she came upon,

the cold winds

blew much stronger;

pushing down tightly

on her cap, she walked,

wondering if winter

was to last much longer.


Then, one day,

the cold season changed for her;

(having nothing to lose,

her trust in God began increasing).

The sun started shining

brighter in her heart, then,

and she removed her coat

due to the cold air ceasing.


In surrendering her trust

and faith to The Lord,

her cold days ended

due to His warm reflection;

so, when the real season

of winter finally did show,

she remained warm by His

continuous, loving protection!

Copyright ©BBYCGN

Winter Blessings


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