Gingerbread-Scented Breeze

Gingerbread-Scented Breeze

Gingerbread-Scented Breeze




blue ribbons




every darkened




while time ushers in


red tasseled rays


as yesternight’s




stoically retreat.


Velour shawls


of tangy purple


flutter too quickly


to appreciatively


be seen;

and, pink chiffon petals 


wave gently


through the warm,





Copyright ©BBYCGN

Gingerbread-Scented Breeze


  1. Mmmmm….gingerbread…

    Before I’m completely lost to a Homer Simpson moment, I’m left to wonder how long you worked on Madison Avenue, Tamara.

    Such a beautiful skill with words. I mean, the aromatherapy ad campaign, that one is yours, correct?

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