Priceless Love

Priceless Love


The three young boys threw toys around the bedroom as they chatted, carelessly, about many things, such as the latest video games, the newest animated movie releases, and their favorite types of cars that they would surely own when they were old enough to drive.

PricelessAs they were playing catch with an old, childhood stuffed bear, their subject of conversation eased on over to girls, and which girl, at school, they each liked the best.

Roger spoke up quickly, and named, Cassidy, as his number one choice, even though Cassidy had no idea that Roger even existed.Priceless

Roger proceeded to chatter on about the many reasons why he found Cassidy particularly special among any other girl in his classroom. He further explained how, if Cassidy was his girlfriend, he would treasure her like a priceless diamond, and love her as if she was a rare jewel of magnificent beauty! The two other boys looked at each other, and laughed.

And then, as Mark caught the stuffed bear that flew through the air toward him, he interrupted Roger and began talking about Rachel, and interjected with some of the reasons why he liked her so much, apart from any other girl.

Priceless, BBYCGN


After Roger conveyed that he would treasure Cassidy “like a priceless diamond” if she was his girlfriend, Mark stated that if Rachel was his girlfriend, he would treat her as if she was a fine piece of art, and dote on her, as he would a priceless, porcelain statue.

Of course, at this disclosure from Mark, Roger looked at Tony, and made a gagging motion, and then they both laughed in unison.Now, Tony kept tossing toys around, and said nothing about which girl he liked best. So, the other boys nagged at him, and prompted him to have his say. Several minutes passed, and finally Tony divulged his particular liking for Anna. He, in fact, had a crush on Anna since the third grade, and he really thought that Anna was very special, indeed.



In thought to what Roger had said about how he would treasure Cassidy “like a priceless diamond”, and how Mark would treat Rachel “like a fine piece of art”, Tony

went on to explain how he would cherish Anna like a piece of bread.

And, before he could say anything else, Roger and Mark literally fell on the floor, laughing in hysterics, at their friend’s unusual declaration of love for this girl in stating that he would cherish her like a piece of bread. Tony smiled, waiting for his two friends to stop laughing.



When his friends finally calmed down, Tony continued, “Diamonds, jewels, fine art, and porcelain statues are luxury items. It is true that people do want these things. However, bread is a necessity. We need bread to survive. If Anna was my girlfriend, I would treat her, not as a luxury item, but rather, as a necessity which I needed, every moment of my life, to even survive.”


This time, there was no howling laughter like there was after the other two boys had spoken. For a moment, the deep words that Tony had just voiced filled the minds of the other two boys.

Suddenly, Roger broke through the awkward silence, and asked, “Hey… so, have either of you seen the reviews on that new video game that’s coming out next Saturday?”

The simplest blessings that we take for granted would cause the greatest sufferings if their absence were suddenly to occur.
Copyright ©BBYCGN


  1. Quite a tale, Tamara, leading to an exquisite, well-imagined revelation.

    Spot-on, too, with the typical conclusion to a male conversation, no matter whether boys or men are the speakers.

    The only difference being that men are likely to relieve their nervousness with talk of yesterday’s game. Each one thinking. “This is getting too deep, too profound. What are we, women? C’mon guys,let’s talk about sports, James Bond, anything else!”

    So, Tamara, uh, what kind of play was that on 4th-and-21? Don’t they remember their running back just is coming off injured reserve? The team needed to fire that coach yesterday!

    Liked by 1 person

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