Falling, Falling Star

Falling, Falling Star

Looking up into the midnight sky,

I saw a falling, falling-star

that just kept falling!

This falling-star fell right out

of the midnight sky,

and landed into my hands!

Falling, Falling Star

My friend, who was beside me,

asked in a trembling voice,

What are y-y-you going to do

w-w-with that s-s-star?”

Falling, Falling Star

I looked down at the breathing,

twinkling star that I held

inside my hands,

and after a short moment

of deep thought,

I carefully, and deliberately,


I am going to give this star away!

I will give it to someone

who has an important

and beautiful wish

that they need fulfilled!”

Falling, Falling Star

I found this

an easy decision,

you see,


I had all that I

had ever wished for already:

my family’s health;

shelter from the elements;

daily food;

clean water to drink;

air to breathe;

legs to walk;


peace in my heart

from the Great Love

of our Heavenly Father!

Therefore, what more

could I possibly wish for?Falling, Falling Star

I ended up giving the star away

to my friend who was beside me,

because he had an important

and beautiful wish!

He wanted his heart made

whole, again!Falling, Falling Star

You see,

upon the sight

of my holding a breathing,

twinkling, living star

within my very hands,

(that fell from the midnight sky),

my dear friend had a massive heart-attack!

Copyright ©BBYCGN

Falling, Falling Star


  1. Stunning, Tamara, both in terms the words you chose and of the imagination they stir.

    Ah, that’s why the night sky mesmerizes so. Each star is a wish, requiring only motion to energize it. The heavens offering galaxies of hopes and dreams.

    Aye, an’ it’s stone-beautiful, surely!

    Liked by 2 people

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