Knowing The Narcissist, Narcsite

Knowing The Narcissist –

TIN, The Invisible (online) “British” Narcissist, H.G. Tudor, was a bit sloppy when he first came into his online blogging career of running his “helping site”, and used his grounds as a hunting site by private emailsto vulnerable victims, freshly out of Narcissistic relationships.

There is plenty of evidence of this, as well as my own proof from his emails to me. He used the same Love Bombing, Devaluation, Discard, Hoovering, and Silent Treatment, on me, and other targets, that all Sociopathic Personalities use.

Knowing The Narcissist, Narcsite

Below are two hypothetical letters, that one of his former victims wrote to me, as if it was from HG Tudor, himself, in order to provide me with some form of closure. I did the same for her.

Of course, those who rebel against this online Sociopath (scammer), are labeled as “Mid Range Narcissists”.

Knowing The Narcissist

Knowing The Narcissist

MLA: “You know, if TIN (The Invisible Narcissist) were to apologize to you for how bad he hurt you, the apology you never got would go something like this:

Tamara, I’m sorry I took advantage and crossed lines with you with my private Love Bombing. I did because I could. I’m sorry I pretended to want you, and told you that you belonged to me, and all the future-faking that came with it. In actuality, though I was purposely causing an addiction in you, for me. After I Love Bombed you in my cunningly skillful, lustful way, I could not reciprocate your feelings because I don’t know how to love and what you felt became too real for me. When that happens my defense is to play games. You have many gifted talents, especially with writing that moves people. You are a gentle, kind, soul. That is a beautiful thing. Focus on your friends and family in your life that support you. You deserve that. I’m sorry I deeply hurt you. Kind Regards, TIN” (Mark DeRainault). HG

“I just thought you should know what I think you need to hear because it won’t come from TIN, but should.”
Knowing The Narcissist
My gratitude to MLA for writing these words that gave me validation and closure. She is the sweetest friend I could ever ask for.
In turn, I wrote MLA a Letter of Closure, from TIN (The Invisible Narcissist) hoping it would provide her with validation, as well.
 “Dear ”Fireball”I’m sorry that I took so much of your time and led you on with my Future-Faking. I chose you because of your authenticity, valuable heart, and genuine empathy. I am a manipulative man, and I know I hurt you, wasted your time, and purposely set you up for a big downfall. This is my problem, though, and is of no fault of your own. Had I been a normal person, you would have been perfect for me; but, as you know, I am built for evil. I wanted to hurt you because I am jealous of all your precious qualities that I will never have. You didn’t deserve to be hurt, by me. I’m sorry I took advantage of your kindheartedness; but that’s why I chose you. I knew, due to your sweet heart, I would be greatly fueled once I discarded you. You did not deserve it, and I am an eternally lost man who must keep busy so that I am not reminded of my own wretchedness. I could change, but here’s the thing, I don’t want to change. Even though I am sorry, if I could do it over, again, and hurt you even worse than before, I would. I hurt those who have the most to offer in regards to the fullness of their hearts. Kind Regards, TIN” (HG Tudor)

Knowing The Narcissist
Knowing The Narcissist

We wrote these letters to each other because Malignant Narcissists are never at fault, in their own minds. Above, and beyond this truth, they also blame their victims/survivors for the pain that they, themselves, cause them. It is always, somehow, the victims’/survivors’ fault, one way, or another.

Mathew 7:6

“Do not give dogs what is sacred; do not throw your pearls to pigs. If you do, they may trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you to pieces.

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      1. I just think its amazing that although admittedly you didn’t start off as friends and there was some tension, I am so glad you could be there for one another in such a personable and healing way. Really I felt glad for her and you. Both acknowledging how one another feels as if getting a letter from him.

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        1. We didn’t start off as friends, “Tigerchelle” (Michelle P.) because we were being given lies and only half-truths about each other, from Narcissists, which was quite triggering.

          Narcissists like to put a wedge in-between people’s friendships, and create intensely triggering situations, and lots of drama.

          They tell people to stay away from “so & so”, while telling “so & so” to stay away from ‘those people’.

          They are truly backstabbers, and breach confidentialities and information that was trusted to be kept private.

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          1. Yes I was aswell told many things from different ones.

            Hard to know who or what to believe. It messes with your head and causes you to doubt your own reality. You feel like you cannot trust anyone. Not even your friends.

            When going through this kind of thing, you are unsure what or who you even are, or where your loyalties even lie. It’s horrible.

            But you have both managed to get to a good point with each other despite all of that. So that shows the tenacity and strength you both have.


          2. In the end though, through all that’s happened, you, MLA, and Serene have all found one another.

            This I am happy for. Maybe it might be something Serene could also benefit from. “the letters of acknowledgement”.

            I am just thankful, something good is coming from all the pain and frustration you’ve all experienced.



          3. I’m happy that our intuition (or little voice inside of us) kept at us to go back and hear each other out. That what we were being told didn’t add up. It allowed us to connect the dots and have real breakthrough for healing. You’ve been a great comfort in the best way.

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  1. Very interesting, the narcissist used the word [gifted]. Talents are usually born, gifted, or learned behaviors, so it kinda sounds like an entirely added insult. Maybe, or maybe not. Excellent writing. Thank You, Joseph

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  2. Narcissistic sociopaths are like parasites. Since they don’t feel emotions, they have to have a victim through whom they can leach their feelings that make up a worthwhile life. Although I’m not an expert, I believe it started in early childhood when they were betrayed by someone they trusted, someone who should have kept them safe. In that betrayal, they felt impotent and, in survival, hardened their hearts so that no one could ever hurt them again. Which means, there is fear involved with their personality, but also a horrid existence in that others can walk away from the sociopath, but the sociopath very rarely can walk away from themselves. And, they must always be searching for the next victim, like a vampire. There is one successful transformation case I’ve read about but he was very determined to change. God bless you for what you do.

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    1. Thank you, Carolyne, for your wise and kind words. I am honored to have your presence on my site.

      Yes, what you say is true; I have also heard that Narcissistic Personality Disorder can come about due to the child being severely spoiled, but I am not certain.

      I will check out your link.

      Thank you!


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    2. Jesse’s story is amazing, and I’ve actually read about this in the past, and was amazed.

      The self-proclaimed Sociopath in the post, above, knows he is a Sociopath and does not want to change, even though he touts himself as being completely aware of his condition and the pain he causes others.

      He has caused much harm to several women freshly out of Narcissistic Relationships even though he runs a “helping site”. And after he discards them, they suddenly are called Mid-Range Narcissists, by him, if they speak out. He is extremely manipulative, cunning, deceitful, and dangerous to the online community.

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  3. The reason why experts claim a sociopath can’t be cured is because they have to want to, and be really determined about the change. The problem is that almost all sociopaths have no interest in changing. I’ve heard from some of them, and they like they way they are. They love being in control and treating others like puppets where they pull the strings. What they don’t realize because of their hardened hearts, is what they are missing. It’s hard to know what you’re missing if you’ve never experienced it. Thank you for what you do.

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  4. Narcissists suck. They are soooo convinced they are right and others are wrong. But often they wont explain or communicate, they’ll just say your wrong or criticize your view.
    They engage in 1-upmanship. They have to feel like they have power or control over you.

    But they have weak-spots. They hate to be embarassed in front of anyone. They over-react to criticism (probably at first) but if they same criticism is brought up again because of their behaviour, they may say nothing to address it, ignore it and just continue to be an ass.

    They can be hypocrites and accuse you of what they are doing.
    They can reply to concerns by introducing or switching to other topics or something you weren’t even talking about. Be alert for all these things. You are Not going crazy, its Them!

    I have found some INFORMATIVE and USEFUL help—–on Youtube, watch Narcissism videos by:
    1. Dr. Les Carter and also
    2. Dr. Ramani
    There is also a very useful book called “The COVERT Passive Aggressive Narcissist” by Debbie Mirza. There is hope. There is help. Use it! Have the courage to set Boundaries! You have rights, too. Tell your friends. — The Owl30

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